DATES​: 1 – 2 August 2016, VENUE: Circus Circus Hotel, Las Vegas, USA

Points to Consider Before Submission

Please consider the following points before you send us your abstract or full paper

  • Are you seriously considering attending the conference organized by us?
  • Do you have the fund to support your travel, accommodation and registration?
  • Can you meet the deadline for registration?
  • Are you sure about the visa?


If the answer is NO, Please do not send us your abstract or paper. If the answer is YES, only then send us your abstract or full paper.


  • Do you have other engagement or classes during the time of Conference?
  •  You do not like to attend the conference, but want to send us your abstract and/or full paper just to test the acceptability. Is this the Case?
  • You have sent the abstract /full paper to other conferences but you are not sure which conference you will attend. Is it true?


If the answer is YES, please do not send us your Paper. Please do not waste our time and we appreciate your support.

We welcome abstract /full paper from those who are serious, have fund and have no visa problem to attend our conference. Thank you.


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