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Paper Submission Guidelines



You can send word file only for either Abstract and or Full paper.  As a general rule, authors must provide following information

  • First and last name with Title (Dr. Mr. Miss ..etc).
  • Name of the department and institution.
  •  Email address.
  • Name of the track (such as Finance…).

Please note: if you do not provide these information, your paper or abstract will not be accepted.

To submit your paper, please email to  Prof. Dr. Mohammad Hoque via


For sending only an Abstract (not more than 300 words)

 If you decide to send just an abstract, you need to make sure that the following are included

  • Brief statement of Research question or objective or statement of problem.
  • Period of study , methodology or model used.
  • A brief statement of  findings.
  • Paper Title.


Guidelines for Full Paper

As a guide, papers must be between 4,000 and 4,500 words in length and must be contained within 20 pages including tables and references. A title of not more than fifteen words should be provided. All papers must include an Abstract and conform to the following generic format: introduction, literature review, methodology, findings/discussion, conclusion/implications and references.

Please use the checklist provided below to ensure that your paper meets the requirements prior to publication. In case of noncompliance to these guidelines, your paper will be excluded from being published.


Please send us your paper in MS Word format and not as a PDF file.

  • Papers must be written in A4 paper size. (21cm x 29.7 cm) and the automatic margins that have been set for this paper size must be strictly adhered to for all text, headings, tables and figures.
  • Title of the paper is no more than 15 words, centred and in 16pt font.
  • Author(s) name(s) appear below paper title in 14pt font and centred.
  • Leave two empty lines before and after the name(s) of the author(s).
  • All text Arial font.
  • Section/sub-titles are in numbered sequentially.
  • Leave one empty line before and after each section/sub-title.
  • Line spacing throughout paper is single-spaced (no double spacing please).
  • Abstract is in italics, 10pt Arial font and justified both with 2.5 inch margin on both sides.
  • Field of Research is indicated after Abstract. Leave two empty lines after Field of Research.
  • All text is in 12pt. Main headings in bold and 14pt Arial font and all sub-headings in bold and 12pt Arial font.
  • Author(s) affiliation, address and email is provided at the bottom of the first page in 10pt font
  • Figures, tables and charts are included within the body of the paper
  • Figures, text or tables are not coloured or shaded
  • Tables or figures do not break across two pages
  • All text is justified
  • Single empty line between two paragraphs.
  • No tables provided in introduction, within conclusion and just after conclusion.
  • All tables are provided within the margin and titles of the tables are centred.
  • No space left at the beginning of the sentence of the new paragraph.
  • Heading of the table or figure is provided on the top of the table or figure.
  • Endnotes are included before reference section – if applicable. (Please do not use footnotes).
  • Paper has been checked for grammar and spelling.
  • References provided at the end in alphabetical order and 1cm hanging indent. Please delete all brackets before and after year of publication.
  • No headers to be included in the paper.
  • Page numbers to be included in a footer on the bottom right hand corner of the page in Times New Roman size 12.



References should be completed and in Harvard style. They should contain full bibliographical details and journal titles should not be abbreviated. For multiple citations in the same year use a, b, c immediately following the year of publication. References should be shown within the text by giving the author’s last name followed by a comma and year of publication all in round brackets, e.g. (Fox, 1994). Reference should be at the end of the paper but before the Appendix (if applicable) and it should be in an alphabetical order.


Sample Paper

To download a sample paper please click on the link below:

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